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Friendly Persuasion proudly provides professional legal support services throughout Southern California. Founded in 2002, we have years of experience serving a range of clients including law firms, attorneys, businesses, and private individuals.

Our team offers process service, paralegal services, notary services, and judgment enforcement. We can tailor our services to meet your case’s specific needs and deadlines. Whether you need to hire a process server in Laguna Beach or need notary services in Southern California, our team will get the job.

Friendly Persuasion utilizes a modern process serving software to complete serves quickly and efficiently. Clients can choose to receive real-time updates on the status of their job. All service attempts are tracked with GPS coordinates and time-stamped, which is becoming required in more and more courts.

When you choose Friendly Persuasion you will receive personalized and professional service with excellent communication. Our client’s satisfaction is always our highest priority and we take pride in the level of service we are able to provide. Whether you plan on needing us for only one job or multiple services, we look forward to doing business with you.

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Our Legal Support Services

Process Service

Process servers legally notify individuals of their involvement in a court proceeding. This is completed by delivering legal documents such as subpoenas, summonses, small claims documents, complaints, and more. Our Southern California process servers offer a quick turnaround time and accurate service. Expedited services are available to meet your deadlines.

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Paralegal Services

We offer our expert paralegal services to law firms and attorneys in Southern California. Our team is experienced in preparing memos and documents, assisting with legal forms, conducting legal research for court cases, and other important duties to assist busy attorneys. Contact us today to see how our paralegal services can be an asset to your team.

Notary Services

Notaries act as an impartial witness to certify the signatures on important documents. These include wills, loan documents, contracts, and much more. We ensure that the individuals signing the documents are who they say they are and that they understand what is being signed. Our process servers are familiar with sensitive legal documents so we are able to provide quality notary services as well.

Judgment Enforcement

Our team has experience working on many high profile judgment cases. We will quickly enforce and collect on judgments on your behalf. If you are owed money and have not been paid, we'll go over the different enforcement methods and help get you the money that you are rightfully owed.

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